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September 2014 monthly ranking of stocks

A new monthly ranking is ready for September 2014. It is based on the modified ‘Magic Formula Investing’ ideas of Joel Greenblatt.

The first 30 stocks are shown here, but it’s more interesting to watch the complete list and search for famous companies like $AAPL or $MSFT and see where they are ranked.

The details of how I make this spreadsheet is in this post, I won’t repeat it here.

Company name Symbol final rank % rank
Breitling Energy Corp BECC 1 0.04%
USA Technologies, Inc. USAT 2 0.08%
Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc ENZN 3 0.12%
Autobytel Inc. ABTL 4 0.16%
King Digital Entertainment PLC KING 5 0.20%
Nordion Inc(USA) NDZ 6 0.24%
Sino Agro Food Inc SIAF 7 0.28%
PulteGroup, Inc. PHM 8 0.32%
magicJack VocalTec Ltd CALL 9 0.36%
H&Q Healthcare Investors HQH 10 0.41%
H&Q Life Sciences Investors HQL 11 0.45%
Yongye International Inc YONG 12 0.49%
Entravision Communication EVC 13 0.53%
Whiting USA Trust II WHZ 14 0.57%
The St. Joe Company JOE 15 0.61%
SWK Holdings Corp SWKH 16 0.65%
SandRidge Mississippian Trust II SDR 17 0.69%
Petroleum & Resources Corporation PEO 18 0.73%
Dow 30SM Enhanced Premium & Incm Fd Inc DPO 19 0.77%
iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (ETF) IBB 20 0.81%, Inc. OSTK 21 0.85%
PDL BioPharma Inc PDLI 22 0.89%
SandRidge Permian Trust PER 23 0.93%
Magnachip Semiconductor Corp MX 24 0.97%
Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL 25 1.01%
Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust CHKR 26 1.05%
Brunswick Corporation BC 27 1.09%
WCI Communities Inc WCIC 28 1.13%
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Incm. Fd. II EOS 29 1.18%
Sandridge Mississippian Trust I SDT 30 1.22%


Actual Option trades September 2nd, 2014

Today I opened a new $VFC bull call spread by buying VFC Jan 16, 2015 $65 Calls at $2.05 and at the same time selling VFC Jan 16, 2015 $70 Calls at $0.55 for a total cost of $150 per each 100 share contract.

This is a long term position and will be managed and adjusted periodically.

Another more speculative position is in $AAPL, since the market heats up in anticipation for the September 9th, 2014 announcement, and the stock is crawling up, I bought some very short time horizon calls, the Ones expiring a few days after the event, on Sep 12, 2014.

I decided on some currently out of the money calls and bought some AAPL Sep 12th, 2014 $105 and $106 Calls.

In the coming days I will also buy Puts on $AAPL out of the money but pretty close since the short time to expiration will make them cheap. The Price will react violently on and after September 9th and the options will appreciate, at least one of the legs will appreciate enough to compensate for the loss on the other leg.

That’s the theory at least. The worst scenario from my perspective would be if the stock would not move enough on the 9th or the following days and the Calls and Puts will expire worthlessly.

That would turn this into a learning experience, but I’m counting on Apple to make an exciting event which will remind people of Apple and ask their broker to buy some for their account…

Near breakout after long weekend, Sep 2nd, 2014

After the long Labor day weekend, I’m watching these stocks for a possible break up from resistance: $IDG, $SOXX, $POR. All three seem to condense the price range near the top of the yearly range and any small push over the resistance may cause a large move up afterwards.

The other list is of stocks near the bottom of the yearly range of prices, these are stocks that are in a mirror image situation from the first list. The stocks here are dangerously close to the bottom and are near a strong support which, if broken may show further significant price decline. This is a short list today: $SBCF, $NCT.

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Here are the charts of all these stocks.

NCT_Sep2_2014 SBCF_Sep2_2014 POR_Sep2_2014 SOXX_Sep2_2014 IGD_Sep2_2014