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Plans for the next quarter

Chartly needs a new interactive tool. Something I’ve been putting off for too long. Now, since I started the 90 day writing challenge a.k.a. #90daywriting, I might as well start the new interactive charting tool as well.

One of the most popular pages here on has nothing to do with technical analysis or investment per se but with the tiny open source code I wrote a long time ago which lets you add nice HTML5 candlestick charts using the canvas tag. This is a sign I need to pay attention to. People love free tools and especially programmers like free high quality open source no-strings-attached code they can use on their projects.


Chartly in a previous life had these chart tools and although they were written in an ancient language, PHP, they did quite well what they were meant to do, that is, allow the user to sift through some stock charts while adjusting some parameters and finding the ideal stock to trade at the moment.

The new tool will start small, I don’t want to overwhelm myself with feature requirements and having something functional in front of users is very motivating for me. The tool will have one main search box to enter the ticker and one large area with the resulting chart if the ticker is found in the database.

Of course I will add many features to it. I plan on using and learning as I develop and report back on my findings. The code as it is is a little messy, it is dependent on jQuery and relies on a data source similar to yahoo finance.

Warning: Check the license of the data source, Yahoo finance allows you to use its source for personal use only and not to build a complete web site around the data you get for free from them.

I haven’t decided yet on the framework. Maybe I will write several versions of the tool. They will all use HTML5 features like the canvas tag and some form of Ajax to communicate with a data source. Perhaps one will be a proper jQuery plug-in and the other will be based on Angular. I’m digging into Sailsjs and maybe I will switch to or MEAN.js – too many options, not good. I want to pick the best platform and not get stuck in a dead-end road where I invested time and effort learning a framework which will fade away and be abandoned.

Some people say it’s a bad idea to make a web app for SEO reasons but I believe it can complement a well organised wordpress blog and that’s what I hope to achieve here.

Soon after this is up and running I will report on the motivation boost I get from it. I can tell you now that completing my writing task for the day early on, before noon makes me feel better and more capable. I will definitely complete some of the long due TO DO items I have.