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Near breakout after long weekend, Sep 2nd, 2014

After the long Labor day weekend, I’m watching these stocks for a possible break up from resistance: $IDG, $SOXX, $POR. All three seem to condense the price range near the top of the yearly range and any small push over the resistance may cause a large move up afterwards.

The other list is of stocks near the bottom of the yearly range of prices, these are stocks that are in a mirror image situation from the first list. The stocks here are dangerously close to the bottom and are near a strong support which, if broken may show further significant price decline. This is a short list today: $SBCF, $NCT.

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Here are the charts of all these stocks.

NCT_Sep2_2014 SBCF_Sep2_2014 POR_Sep2_2014 SOXX_Sep2_2014 IGD_Sep2_2014

Short term break out filter, Aug 28, 2014

Short term filter looks at prices in the past 2 weeks at a 15 minute frequency and picks the stocks that are near the extreme 5% of the previous 10 trading days price range.

Here are the results of the filter for today.

Near the top are: $DAL, $ANAC, $MBT, $NIE, $BKE, $ALK, $CHL, $TTM, $COL, $CHT, $AIT, $KSS, $GD, $FDS, $HII

And near the bottom are: $BHP, $PHX.

Here is the chart of the more interesting ones from these filter results. Trade carefully, this is the end of the summer vacation and volumes are low.

HII_Aug28_2014 KSS_Aug28_2014 COL_Aug28_2014 NIE_Aug28_2014 MBT_Aug28_2014 ANAC_Aug28_2014 DAL_Aug28_2014 DPS_Aug28_2014

Daily stocks about to breakout August 27, 2014

Medium term filter with daily bars and a year of history shows these stocks today in an interesting position, they are near a breakout above the yearly range being in the top 5% of the price range.

These are: $ANAC and $IGD.

And the mirror image of those is the list of stocks that are near the lowest 5% of the yearly trading range, these are: $SBCF, $ECYT, $NCT.

And here are their charts,

NCT_Aug27_2014 ECYT_Aug27_2014 SBCF_Aug27_2014 IGD_Aug27_2014 ANAC_Aug27_2014

Short term Pre-Breakout stocks for August 26, 2014

Short term breakout candidates are stocks from the regular pool of high quality companies according to the Modified Magic Formula which have been filtered automatically according to the “Almost Up” and “Almost Down” price pattern on their 15 Minute charts. These charts are checked back in time 260 candles which are approximately 2 weeks.

The filter checks to see if the stock price is near the top 5% of the 2 week range and about to challenge it and might break up soon.

The mirror image is also considered and the “Almost Down” filter checks to see if the latest stock price is near the lowest 5% of the 2 week price range. If it does, it spits out the ticker for that stock.

So, here is the list of today’s stocks for Almost-Up: $IBB, $DAL, $MBT, $NIE, $BKE, $STX, $VOD, $ALK, $CHL, $CHY, $GMLP, $ARCC, $TTM, $ARII, $COL, $CHT, $AIT, $SNDK, $LULU, $KSS, $CNVR, $GD, $PH, $FDS, $AMGN, $MJN, $HII, $ACM, $EL, $GPN, $BAM, $AI, $AOS, $LAZ, $LUV

And for “Almost Down” we have just these two today: $BHP, $PHX

Soon I will automate this filtering and daily charts will appear here with the help of some server code and magic.

Here are some charts of the first 6 tickers.

VOD_Aug26_2014 STX_Aug26_2014 BKE_Aug26_2014 NIE_Aug26_2014 MBT_Aug26_2014 DAL_Aug26_2014

Almost breakout Aug 23, 2014

Just two new stocks came up on my filter which are worth mentioning here. They are $ELP and $PTR.

Here are the charts and some thoughts along with them.

$ELP has gone up from $10 to $17.50 in the past 6 months. It seems like it is hesitating to go further up. In the past 30 days it bounced off the peak of $17.50 and is trying again to test that resistance level and this time it seems weaker. I would bet on it going down in the coming couple of months and not up from here. A nice vertical put spread is possible here.


$PTR has a similar pattern to $ELP, it too had a run up for 6 months and seems like it is hesitant to break above $141. A nice potentially profitable vertical put option spread can be entered here. This stock looks like it is headed south at least temporary in the near future.PTR_Aug23_2014