Near breakout after long weekend, Sep 2nd, 2014

After the long Labor day weekend, I’m watching these stocks for a possible break up from resistance: $IDG, $SOXX, $POR. All three seem to condense the price range near the top of the yearly range and any small push over the resistance may cause a large move up afterwards.

The other list is of stocks near the bottom of the yearly range of prices, these are stocks that are in a mirror image situation from the first list. The stocks here are dangerously close to the bottom and are near a strong support which, if broken may show further significant price decline. This is a short list today: $SBCF, $NCT.

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Here are the charts of all these stocks.

NCT_Sep2_2014 SBCF_Sep2_2014 POR_Sep2_2014 SOXX_Sep2_2014 IGD_Sep2_2014