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From: Ami Heines, Professional Trader

Dear Trader,

Weekly and Mini options changed the markets forever.

Automatic trading fails miserably on options…

Complex strategies rarely work out…

Some, so called “sure win” options strategies have huge hidden risks that can wipe out your entire account after a few wins…

If you were making the profits you want in Options, you wouldn’t be reading this page right now… searching for the answer.

Your success in Options depends on your actions from this very moment.

All the automatic algorithm based “systems” and “black boxes” don’t work any more. Your trading is about to change immediately.

The secret is not in advanced complicated indicators. It’s in a different place – simple tried and true strategies that reliably work well together.

Did you know that there are options that regularly move more than 50% a day on Apple or Mastercard stocks alone?

And these are just two examples… there are many other stocks like these.

There are more than a hundred stocks with attractive options like those.

Many people say, Options are risky, and they are correct. But so is giving your car keys to a 15 years old kid without a drivers license.
You need to learn the rules and know what you’re doing in order to reap the rewards from these stock options.

Taking a small share of the profit from these moves is quite realistic.


If you’re looking to get rich quick, this is not for you. Please click the back button now and forget about this offer.

If you think this is a magical overnight one trade that will solve all your problems – it’s NOT!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a simple step-by-step guide for high probability, high profits, then you’re in the right place.

Do you know what’s the main difference between amateur and professional traders?

It’s the confidence level they have in their trading strategy.

Are you worried when you enter a trade that you’re going to lose again? Is it going to be a winner or a loser?

Do you get nervous and close your trade whenever there is a small profit and miss out on the large gains you could have? Or do you close early with a small loss only to find out later the trade recovered and could have been a winner?

All these problems can easily be prevented!

Yes, there is truth in the saying…

Professional Options Traders Are Different Than Amateurs

They don’t need “secret” systems or complicated indicators. The difference is in another place…

They have procedures they follow. I know this may sound silly, but that’s true!

Professional traders know that there are many profitable trading strategies. They all use a solid simple strategy.

Professionals know that automatic “black box” systems deteriorate fast and they don’t use them.

Professional traders started as amateurs and grew out of their amateur status by being persistent and improving and changing their behavior until they became professionals.

To become a professional options trader you need to take a solid strategy, tweak it a little bit to suit your needs. It’s like any other business endeavor you pursue. You need a solid foundation to build your trading on.

I’m sick and tired of other “almost” risk free option strategies which are easy to use but one failed trade can wipe out your account. If you’re familiar with those products you’ll know what I mean.

You don’t need to be a genius to make this work, don’t be fooled into false promises of “click here for profits”.

I’m not promising you a “click to be rich” product. No way. I don’t think it is a serious proposition to make. I’m talking about applying a constant systematic method using a tried and true strategy and some basic risk management to profit from options on stocks and ETFs.

I’d like to present to you: is a stable solid strategy that has worked for many years in all kinds of market conditions.

Download Your Risk-FREE Copy of Profitable Options Strategies NOW For Only $27 A 76% Discount!

Want to see examples?

Here are some example trades with

This chart shows a large Chinese High-Tech company trading on the NASDAQ. An interesting setup was detected on the chart which prompted a successful trade: Buy a call option on the stock at $905.00 and sell it 9 trading days later at a price of $1525.00 for a profit of $620 on a $905 investment.


The next chart shows a well known American company. A classical pattern was identified and call options bought at $515 each. The call options were sold 13 trading days later for $2825 each! This was a large profit of 448% (for more details on this trade, see the ebook)


The 3rd example is of a stock that was showing flashing warning signs, if you know how to detect them… A put option trade was chosen to profit from down movement in the stock. In 15 trading days this option went from $85 per option to $295. A 247% profit. (for more details on this trade, see the ebook)


Does it guaranty 68% in every trade? Of course not. No system is a sure thing in the stock market.

But, you should use it as a foundation for a solid trading plan. The book has several complete trading plans as starting points. You can actually use them as-is. You will probably change it a bit here and there and make it truly your own.

So What Do I Get in Options Strategy?

You’ll get a complete step-by-step trading strategy with all components to earn a healthy profit in the Stock Options market. It is an instant download away.

I don’t have testimonials at the moment, this is a brand new ebook – you’re in luck! you get a big discount! The book is worth $379 as I used to teach a class based on the material in this book for more than $379.

Trading profits are not guarantied of course, I don’t know how persistent you are and how accurate you can be in following the rules of the system but I can assure you You can regain your investment in this book in a very short time. You will continue to profit many times over what you invest in this book.

Now that I repackaged it into an electronic format, I can sell it at a low low cost but with the same great value as always. Act now, soon I will add the missing testimonials from the first buyers and the price will go up.

Download Your Risk-FREE Copy of Profitable Options Strategies NOW For Only $27 A 76% Discount!

In the book you will get a complete set of rules.

90% of the decisions are already made for you!

When you feel insecure about an action, consult the system. This will make you less prone to errors and increase your success.

The system enters trades at very low risk to protect your account.

We usually risk less than 2% of the account on a single trade.

A partial “take profit” covers the entire investment and leaves a risk free higher reward potential – talk about having the cake and eating it too! Option Strategy offers…

  • A spreadsheet that updates monthly with high quality stocks
  • A step-by-step trading plan
  • Many trading examples
  • Simple to trade
  • Low risk entry
  • Unique risk elimination partial profit target
  • Specific time limit
  • Specific exit strategy
  • High Risk-Reward ratio
  • When to avoid the market

Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need for this trading system?

You can work as little as 5 minutes a day, once a week. If you want you can invest more time to increase your potential profits even more.

Do I need to buy additional products or subscriptions?

The book is a complete and stand alone system. You can be a successful trader in options based entirely on the book. In addition, you will get from time to time email alerts and reports that will save you time and effort. You will be able to use FREE resources for charts and other analysis tools on the internet as explained in the book.

Will this system stop working if too many people use it?

The option system will continue to work as long as people are involved in trading! It is based on mass behavior of people and it is almost impossible to change that. It works across many different markets, it also works on 1 minute future contracts!

How do I get the book?

Click the “Order Now” button and you will be redirected to the secure payment page. After you fill in the required details you will be redirected to a page with the download link where you can immediately download the book in PDF format and read it.

How can I be sure I will get my money back if I’m not completely satisfied with the trading system?

I use ClickBank as the payment processor. ClickBank is a secure online service used by millions of individuals to purchase online products quickly, easily and securely. I promise to refund with no questions asked as soon as I get a request from you.

Do you provide support?

The book is written in an easy to follow way. If you still need advice or have questions, you can email me directly. After buying the book you will get my private email address. I personally answer every email I get.

Download Your Risk-FREE Copy of Profitable Options Strategies NOW For Only $27 A 76% Discount!


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