Short term break out filter, Aug 28, 2014

Short term filter looks at prices in the past 2 weeks at a 15 minute frequency and picks the stocks that are near the extreme 5% of the previous 10 trading days price range.

Here are the results of the filter for today.

Near the top are: $DAL, $ANAC, $MBT, $NIE, $BKE, $ALK, $CHL, $TTM, $COL, $CHT, $AIT, $KSS, $GD, $FDS, $HII

And near the bottom are: $BHP, $PHX.

Here is the chart of the more interesting ones from these filter results. Trade carefully, this is the end of the summer vacation and volumes are low.

HII_Aug28_2014 KSS_Aug28_2014 COL_Aug28_2014 NIE_Aug28_2014 MBT_Aug28_2014 ANAC_Aug28_2014 DAL_Aug28_2014 DPS_Aug28_2014