Welcome to my new blog here at chartly.com

Hey! I’m so excited, hope you’re too :)
I have so much to give you and if you want to learn about me, why I’m a stock market geek ;) and why I’m doing it and what the hell is my story… just go and read all about me here.

In this blog you will learn about some highly profitable trading and investment systems which require low maintenance. If you’re like me, you’re probably disappointed with many false promises and unreasonable systems. Well, this time it’s different, here you will learn about tried and true systems and I will discuss all the advantages and drawbacks of each method I use. Oh, and by the way, I only discuss systems I personally use.

I plan to add in the near future to this web site an automatic service of stock filter based on one of the best systems I know – double bottom divergence in MACD-H. It will be ready by the end of this year – 2013.